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Paint the Bridge

By March 28, 2019 No Comments

Ever feel like you are running on empty? Ever feel like you are running on empty and asking yourself, “Where is God?” Ever find yourself asking, “What’s the use?”

One of my favorite mental images of the church is a people with open arms—wide open! This is the way I see our God of unfailing love welcoming each and all of us! Our God of unfailing love invites us to come home. His invitation is open to all, without exception!

But sometimes, even the most precious of relationships become strained, stressed, or broken. In those moments, our God of unfailing love wants us not to abandon, neglect, or burn the bridge, but to go back and “paint the bridge.” If necessary, rebuild the bridge first, and then paint the bridge.

Why? So that when our family, friends, and neighbors are ready to come home to Jesus, they will remember the way home and know they will be received with open arms.

What is the best way to paint the bridge?  Look, live, and love like Jesus. Offer living proof of God’s unfailing love for all the world to see.

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