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Seasons of Change

By April 9, 2019 No Comments

Change is a season allowed by our God of unfailing love to take us to a place of deeper trust. A season where we wait for the promises of God to be fulfilled in our lives. And even though our circumstances may still be the same, and we may be caught in the middle of the wanting and the waiting, our God of unfailing love invites us to start celebrating.

God wants us to celebrate life with family and friends. God wants us to celebrate today what He will do tomorrow. God wants us to celebrate answered prayer while we are still waiting to see how God will answer prayer. God wants us to remember what He has already done for us and celebrate what He will yet do for us. Every time we count our blessings, we take away the power of Satan’s lies. All of this serves to remind us to live in a posture of ready obedience.

It has been said that our destiny is determined by our willingness to trust God in the season of change. What is the most important prayer in your life right now? Where you are most desperate…most in need…for God to show up and answer that prayer?

Start celebrating and trust God in the seasons of change.

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