Welcome from Pastor Wally

Flemming Wally-DCEugene H. Peterson, one of my favorite authors, once wrote: “The Bible makes it clear that every time there is a story of faith, it is completely original. God’s creative genius is endless.”

As a pastor for more than thirty years, I have enjoyed the privilege of hearing stories of faith from countless individuals. I never grow tired of sitting with someone and listening carefully as they recount their journey with God. Every story, as Peterson highlighted, is indeed original.

Here at Pearce we are learning to tell our own stories in light of the overarching story of God’s wondrous plan for our world. It is as I more fully comprehend His story that I am able to understand and articulate my own.

As the Lead Pastor at Pearce, I invite you to explore with us the unfolding story of God’s love and grace.

Pastor Wally